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I've always loved writing stories-ever since I learnt how to write! In the past few years I've embarked on a freelance writing career, making my living from writing non-fiction content. As a result I haven't been writing much fiction, but I've started to get the bug back and I am determined to make time to do what I love. So stay tuned!


Things Change

by AutumnStJohn almost 9 years ago

They crouched to peer beneath the stairs. Michelle lay there in a drunken, unconsious heap.

"Ok, how are we going to get her up to bed?" sighed Peter.

"You're going to carry her." said Natasha, flatly.

"No, not again. I didn't move into his houseshare just to spend my Saturday mornings carrying my alchy housemates around"....   Read more

Bromley 2012

by AutumnStJohn about 9 years ago

Kelsey was afraid to go out at night. Afraid of big, bad Bromley. When she told people she met online that she left in Kent, they always said she was lucky to live in such a nice, leafy Home County, nestled away in the undergarments of England's green and pleasant land.

But Kent had a dark, nasty side. That side was called Bromley....   Read more

Going Home

by AutumnStJohn about 9 years ago

She had always been in love with him. He was so cool, so mysterious. She spent three years watching him. When he started watching her it was divine. Heaven come true.

When they got together she was so happy. For once, she'd gotten what she wanted. She was a prize winner, a champion, a woman. Bye bye Mum. Bye bye childhood bedroom and...   Read more

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