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Kill King Bill

by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

"SUFFRAGETTE!" I looked around quickly. Nope. Nobody heard me. I wanted the throne but I was 'just a girl' and there were certain people in certain high places that thought that wasn't becoming a young lady.

The bishop was an ass.

Actually, the bishop was approaching *on* an ass. Perfect. With him out of the way nothing much...   Read more


by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago


"Yeah. And?"

"Pepper. Salt. Ducks. Ivory, but don't tell anybody."

"Seriously? Knives?"

He handed me the duffle bag. "Knives. And everything you need to know is in there, too."


"Everything. The molecular structure of Ferrous Oxide. The length of a stick. The speed of light under water."

"What...   Read more

Too soon, wrong reason

by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

I read a story today, a true one, about a young man who hung himself at the age of twenty-three.

His story was horrific. The abuse he received as a child ruined him both physically and mentally and, apparently, emotionally.

It is so sad to hear about loss of young, talented people; even more so when it's the result of...   Read more

Up (not the movie)

by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago


Bob hit the switch again.

I'm not too surprised because he's the biggest klutz I've ever had the misfortune to know. It had to happen the one day I forgot my tethers.

I took a quick look around. No nearby trees to grab. The neighbour's dog was starting to lift. That *was* surprising. That bitch was huge.

The...   Read more

Ready, aim...

by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

Crap. This wasn't going to be good.

The old man said 'Let's go deer hunting. Just like old times. Reconnect after all those years of you pissing away your life on the other side of the world.'

That was last night. We drank to it. He had some incredible Irish Whiskey. 12 year old. We killed a bottle. I hoped like hell that he'd...   Read more


by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

She'd always come running when I called.

But not today. The kids called me at work and said they couldn't find her, and that after she lapped a bit of water in the morning they hadn't seen her all day.

When I got home we all searched the area. I knew she couldn't have gone far - her walk was slowing and she was getting weak. She still...   Read more

When the moon in the pissed

by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

The moon would never be the same again.

NASA, in a fit of proctological madness popped a cap in it's ass. It was no longer the benign pie in the sky of sappy Italian love songs.

The man, the one in the moon, was pissed.

The changes were slow to come. Not many people noticed at first that the tides were...   Read more

Mixed Up

by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

Well, I wasn't prepared for this. Genetic engineering really is only my minor. I majored in Music Education, and do a helluva good job at it, if I do say so myself.

The genetic engineering project was supposed to be more kid friendly. A cockatoo and a persian cat, gene spliced, to for some sort of mutated mix. The math (something I'm...   Read more


by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago


'No, come on, you stil saying it like an American.'

'I *am* an American.'

'Yeah but you're in Paris now.'

'You mean Paree.'

'Piss off. Now say it again. Pawn she on.'

'Nah. Too hard. It's pension.'

'I'm not going through with this unless you at least try.'

'Fuck it. I'm not. Grab the overhead bags and let's...   Read more


by tony_mcfadden over 8 years ago

Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway.

Twice, in Singapore, she sat by a fountain.

Three times, in Kuala Lumpur, at three different locations, she waited by Banyan trees.

She was waiting. Always waiting.

She was waiting for me.

She didn't know that I knew that she was waiting for me, but enough...   Read more

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