Unchained Tragedy

by Punch Yourself over 8 years ago

"Well...that happened," thought the little pup as he watched his owner be eaten by a sharktopus. At least, he thought it was a sharktopus. His owner had been talking about it over and over again to random objects in the house like the small, hard thing that glows and vibrates every five minutes or the really loud block that holds...   Read more


by bespectakate about 8 years ago

It was the moment she'd been waiting for her whole life - she just hadn't known it.

She hadn't known she'd wanted to disappear until she could.

On the one side of her was the crashed train, the people screaming, the police trying to keep control, ambulances - so much chaos and pain. Explanations and stories.

And on the...   Read more

The Freeman

by BobbyRebbel about 8 years ago

Divinity. Envied by those less fortunate to be born into royalty and riches. I look at the fat men that I cater to and the goddess-like wives. Oh how I despise these fat sultans of our backwards society. I watch everyday, as they come down to the pool, indulging their disgusting appetites, and scarfing down another man's hard...   Read more


by Sammi about 8 years ago

Dancing on the beach in bare feet. What a careless thing to do. You could get glass in your feet, or step on a sharp rock. And what on earth are you wearing? It's too cold out; you'll get sick. Get back in the house this minute, girls. It'll be dark, soon, anyway, and you shouldn't be out after dark. That's when the bad men come...   Read more


by JulieFisher almost 8 years ago

She'd have preferred the electric chair. She'd have preferred anything really, hanging, lethal injection, even one of those weird medieval punishments like hang, draw and quartering. Anything to get her out of this tedium.

The irony was that she'd chosen this. Chosen to run, the alternative being prison or worse. But wasn't she already...   Read more

Running Away

by James Vernon almost 8 years ago

Green. Indubitably so. A vast expanse if it, spreading out to the horizon. Different shades breaking it up into sections. Lush, vibrant, light squares surrounded by dark borders.

I started running. Tearing through the blissful countryside, wind passing through my hair. I was free at last. Free to do anything I wanted.

I vaulted...   Read more


by virre over 6 years ago

She was alone now. She used to be one of them but not anymore. Finaly she was as free as the seeds she blowed from the flower in the big dramatic symbolism of freedom.

How had she gotten addicted to this, it was just a question of wanting to fit in. To be accepted by the others by tasting the sweat nectar of the grape.

It started for acceptance but soon everyday was a day of drinking just to take the day she thought she was free but was traped. But now free

Corner John

by ganymeder almost 6 years ago

Once in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway. She was hoping to catch a cool breeze as well as a paying customer as the slinky dress billowed behind her. Cigarettes were sexy again, and with lung disease the least of her worries, she inhaled with abandon. Another night, another John...

But tonight was different,...   Read more