Waking Dreams

by MuseShack over 8 years ago

She moved through my dreams in the silver slippers of moonlight. I shivered. It seemed as though something had touched me. I could hear the early morning mist slip off the slumbering streets...my bones shuddered and I longed in those lucid moments for warmth.

Did you breath? I felt a soft air cross my cheeks as I struggled against...   Read more

Last Kiss.

by NYgirlLovesCA over 8 years ago

The wind hit my face just right. My cheeks instantly turned red and i put my head down into my mitten-covered hands to sheild the cold.

We stood in the driveway as the snow swirled around the neighborhood, you placed your hand on my shoulder and led me to your warm car.

The heat was steaming the windows; we removed our gloves and...   Read more


by MuseShack over 8 years ago

I lay now in silent musings. The wedding party over and I a long way between there and home.

A cool desert breeze blew over me and the silver moon kissed my cheek. Through my dreaming landscape she flitted, lithe and beautiful, a Berber princess whom I had loved all my days.

I longed for her now in this strange place where dangers...   Read more

The actual letter: thoughts about us.

by NYgirlLovesCA over 8 years ago

You gave me the best summer of my life. The summer before I went to college, I wished that everything we had shared would never change.

We kissed on the bench in my backyard, in your car in the rain, at the movies...Then once I got to college, it was your apartment.

Back to summer; I can't think of better...   Read more


by TonyNoland over 8 years ago

A bubble of blood oozed around the tip as he held the blade on his thumb. The knife was unbalanced and sharp. There's a metaphor in there somewhere, he thought.

Hi. My name's Steel. Chinese Steel. I'm unbalanced and sharp. And dangerous. And cheap. And I'll probably break the first time you try to use me.

Bad metaphor, he thought....   Read more

Love. Sick.

by Grady about 8 years ago

One person shouldn't be able to change your life forever. I think we all know people who have been affected outside of their control - torture, rape, molestation... it's a little fucked up to put love in the same category, isn't it?

Maybe the crucial difference is that it's a sweet anguish. That's why I feel sick to my stomach, I...   Read more


by TimSevenhuysen about 8 years ago

The results were in: she had earned "third runner up" honours.

"Top five ain't bad!" Jeff said encouragingly.

"It's four spots worse than good," Melanie grumbled. "I don't want to be 'not bad'; I want to win something! I want to be recognized!"

Jeff sighed. "I recognize you," he reassured her. "I recognize you more than...   Read more

Millions. (If you're going to San Francisco).

by NYgirlLovesCA about 8 years ago

Millions. It seemed like it anyway, the number of people that were lining California's streets in the 60s and 70s. "Making it" or trying to... Rebelling, singing, pan-handling, and trying to fit in. Half-clothed, non-clothed boys and girls (we couldn't call ourselves men and women, we were only 15 and 16...   Read more


by slugguts about 8 years ago

I felt a dim glow of satisfaction deep within my soul as the night turned into day. My dreams of before, now a reality. There was nothing I wanted...
But one thing... The one thing I couldn't have.

I believe in miricles as they happen every day around me, birth, growth, laugther and joy. I pray for a miricle now, even. Guide him, save...   Read more

A walk

by b23cml about 8 years ago

Long after the fireworks, Katie was returning form the lake side. It wasn't a long walk back to her home. She walk along the road. She was passing a house the paint a yellowed white, this was her boyfriend's house she stood there, and began to remember the the happy time she had with him, and as she remember all the good a phone rang, then the sound of a crying woman, she realized it was her voice.