Leo was a Lion

by mroshaugh almost 8 years ago

The Bronx Zoo in my mind was empty. Maybe the gazelles were milling around Yankee Stadium, waiting for Catfish Hunter. The green grass of memory, my synapses folding in the sweeping July breeze, beheld the sweet roots of my birthday candles, climbing the kitchen air like lithesome monkeys, nimble as the imagination.

Tattoo Me

by mroshaugh about 7 years ago

A tattoo of a shadow remains when the light recedes.

Mock the sun, then, and ridicule the clouds. They've always seemed so stupid anyway.

Clouds. The poets can have them. They can have the clouds and the sun. Where are their clouds on a sunny day? And where's their sun on this overcast morning?

That's my shadow. I always have it. I don't need the weather -- just the steady hand of a artist.

Tattooed, herself.

Fall Minds

by mroshaugh over 7 years ago

Wet asphalt sparkling under the white sky. There is a yawn of blue. Sometimes fall is brighter than summer, more alive with moisture and energy. Some things are dying, but many things end like fireworks.

We can be categorized in many ways. Let's divide us into the standing, the sitting and the reclining for the time being. Then let us separate into summer minds, winter minds, spring minds, fall minds.

You're going to yawn. You're going to stretch your eyes.

Special Delivery

by mroshaugh over 7 years ago

Some people have never touched the snow, or swam in an ocean, or taken an elevator to a rooftop.

I once watched it snow on the ocean from a rooftop. I took the elevator to the lobby and walked out to the beach.

First I stood in a sandstorm. Then I ran in a snowstorm. Then I fell in the snow and the sand.

The snowflakes looked like stars falling from the night.

Restful Sleep

by reflect. over 7 years ago

As the Sun rose from His slumber,
She began to stir
in her little house of wood,
a coffin just for her.

Each day,
she hears them scrape
away the earth with shovels,
waiting until
her final bed is done
forever for her to lay.

In the morning,
she awakes,
dead to others
yet alive in her dreams,
to the...   Read more

Upper Crust

by mroshaugh about 7 years ago

Inner core
Outer core
Upper mantle

Flora between her fingers,
Seeds between her toes.
Like Cinderella, I thought,
recalling an old "Wizard of Id" panel.

I stroll above the layers of the earth,
sing-songing under the tarp of heaven,
bulging with the weight of infinity.

Susan springs to her...   Read more

Against the Moon

by mroshaugh almost 8 years ago

I used to feel like a bird in flight

I would cut between the trees
and see the clouds from upside-down

I would pull up to the top
of skyscrapers and hop
along their ledges

My silhouette against the moon
My reflection in the harbor

Yeah, I used to feel like a bird in flight...

An American Setting

by mroshaugh about 7 years ago

swallowed by the water flowers at last
the canoe breathed across the swamp
I found the roots of an ancient oak
felled by Paul Bunyan
shed on by the ox
and dove,
a dove falling into the light,
to the tree's top,
waving in the murky green,
strange fish like oxen
strange waters
strange trees
the dove and the ancient oak


by ganymeder about 6 years ago

The key couldn't break.
Forged by the hand of fate
In the fires of adversity
Her love would mold
The white-hot metal
Into the shape it was meant to take
Cooled by her touch
Quenched with desire
It would unlock

The City was Empty

by mroshaugh over 7 years ago

the city was empty
winter empty, not
summer empty
snowstorm home-bound, not
bound for Myrtle Beach, or
flown to Florida or
wherever the hell
the neighbors went.
Christ, doesn't anyone stay
home anymore?
Sit on the deck in frayed nylon
beach chairs?
I can't even find them in
the stores anymore.
what happened?
where did everyone go?
it's the city...
it should