by tony_mcfadden about 8 years ago


'No, come on, you stil saying it like an American.'

'I *am* an American.'

'Yeah but you're in Paris now.'

'You mean Paree.'

'Piss off. Now say it again. Pawn she on.'

'Nah. Too hard. It's pension.'

'I'm not going through with this unless you at least try.'

'Fuck it. I'm not. Grab the overhead bags and let's...   Read more


by RuthLivingstone about 8 years ago

Mist and fog everywhere.

It had started off as a beautiful African day. 30 degree heat and so they only wore shorts and t-shirts and packed a few sandwiches. No point taking unnecessary baggage, they told themselves. This is an impromptu safari. Let's be adventurous.

Then the fog came down. They weren't expecting this. And the track...   Read more

Chaos in China

by Gone Awry about 8 years ago

I sat near the stall where they sold jade jewelry, waiting for Hestan to finish buying a years worth of magnolia tea from the stall across the way. I lifted my delicate umbrella to sheild me from the blazing sun overhead. I looked up at the gorgeous architecture perched above me. I loved China. The elegant sweep of each roof...   Read more

Travel Light

by becsatherton almost 8 years ago

Travel light, but take everything with you. Everything that you might need. The bare essentials. Nothing that might be termed as excess. Nothing that might weigh you down, nothing that might, at the other end, end up in a cupboard or a loft, forever after forgotten and stored away.

That's the problem with belongings. You accumulate...   Read more

A folk in a coat, depending on the weather

by twsani about 7 years ago

The trip was turning into a disaster: we got lost at every turn, the food made us barf, the sites were disappointingly normal and the boisterous flow of life that had seemed so appealing when we first started teasing out the details of what a mutually enjoyable vacation would look like, all of a sudden...   Read more

The Sepia Girl

by PeterC.Hayward over 6 years ago

The sepia girl smiled at me as I tucked her photograph back into my wallet.

I'd found it several years ago, inside a book in a box on a table at a garage sale. I hadn't ended up buying anything from the sale, but I'd taken the photo. I suppose you could say it was stealing, but I've never thought about it that way.

She seemed...   Read more

The Journey

by Anglea over 6 years ago

He exited the train at Buenos Aires. Took numerous buses, cabs, water planes and a thirty mile trek through the jungle before he arrived at his final destination. The land that time forgot.

Samuel Cartwright had grown up with legends about this place, dinosaurs, treasure, extraordinary people. How much of it was true he had no idea,...   Read more