by JohnnyREB1977 about 3 years ago

"Millions of stars," Avat breathed as he gazed out at the Universe.

"More like one hundred billion," Vish corrected quietly. He stood beside his little brother, an arm around the boy's shoulder.

"There are more stars in the Universe than grains of sand," Vish quoted. He lifted his hand, pointing. "There's Sol," he said.

"What can you tell me about that star?"

Avat glanced at his brother with amused exasperation. "It's Terra's home system," he said as if reciting a lesson. "The site of our old home, and Mars, and Europa, our great colonies." His aquamarine eyes focused on the star. "Normally just called 'The Sun' by our ancestors, many worshiped it as a God until the True Faith Emerged."

"That's right," Vish said proudly. "You've actually been listening to your teachers. I'm impressed."

Avat rolled his eyes. "I always listen," he retorted. "I just don't always care." The boy shrugged. "Can we go fly now?" he asked eagerly. "You said I could try out the new shuttle."

"Later little brother," Vish said. "Later."


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