The City of Darkness

by BobbyRebbel over 8 years ago

The gate closed behind them. Like a thunderous blast of insecurity they were shunned, abolished, removed from the society that their father so desperately tried to control. Sarah turned, taking hold of her younger sisters hand and began walking, but she wouldn't move.

"Damnit, c'mon Michelle! They've thrown us out, our dumbass father screwed up, and now we're the ones paying for it!"

"But daddy was trying so hard, he only wanted to help-"

Sarah slapped Michelle across the face, tears breaking fourth along side the ear shattering sound of flesh smashing into flesh.

"Dad messed up, he died, and he almost took the whole city with him."

"But dad just wanted to give the city power, and-" Michelle lost her words with her unending tears streaming down her face. She failed to understand why they were being punished for the faults of their father, but they say blood can be a dangerously thick thing.


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Galen over 8 years ago

Very stark and dark. The brusque, impatient slap really dials in on the harsh acceptance of her new reality.




Not one for Bio's, shall we just get straight to the fun?

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