Von Kaiser

by WillCarlough almost 8 years ago

It felt like I was just waking up. I shook my head. I looked at my surroundings. A boxing ring. People cheering. Is there an ape in the crowd?
Who am I?
I'm German. I'm a boxer. People are expecting something from me. Act German.
I did a militaristic dance, taking no joy in it like I might once have. I knew my opponent. We had been in the ring before.
He beat me then, I knew he'd beat me now.
I shouted something in German. I knew no one would understand me. It didn't matter. I went into the fight, hoping someone out there would cheer me on.


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Galen almost 8 years ago

The human condition: ape something you're not, get beat, hoping for one person to applaud. Good insights into the mind of the underdog.



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