So, give me more details, sweetie. No, not that kind of detail!
Where'd you go? What'd you eat? What'd you wear? Come on, babe, we need more, more, more!
Did he pay? Wait, I need to light up...ok, go. Credit card? Flashy. You're kidding - champagne? On a first date? Seriously flashy.
Ok, so what next? Did he leave a tip? No way, cheapskate! Bet they remember him there anyway.
And where'd he take you? His flat? What, the old "my mother's staying with me so we've got to go to a hotel" line? You're kidding - no-one really says that, I was joking! Ok, so now we know he's a total...sorry, just getting a drink. So what happened later, did he take you home? About two am?
Ok, that should be enough. Thank you so much babe, you've given me loads there, my editor will be very happy. The cheque's in the post.


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ganymeder over 13 years ago

Ha! Good one.

rebeccaebrown (joined over 13 years ago)
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