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Ready to go

by mrlngn over 5 years ago

Im packing my bag, ready to go. Im walking to the station. Waiting for the bus.
Dear driver, surprise me where we gonna go. Take me away from here. I'm ready for new place, where I can find new life. I left my bag at station with my old memories.
I'm ready to go.

The Journey

by mrlngn over 5 years ago

I come from the green.
You run to the red.
I'm walking, you're runing.

Until the blue point, we met.
We walk together under the blue sky into the twilight.

On our way, I feel like to follow the white cloud. But you said the dark one is more tempting.
I don't like rain, though you come from the rain.

Still we walk. I...   Read more

More Than One Scoop

by mrlngn over 6 years ago

One scoop chocolate, one scoop strawberry.
One scoop soil, one scoop blood.
One scoop of fear, one scoop of daring.
One scoop of regret, one scoop of happiness.
One scoop flesh, one scoop breath.
One scoop breath...
One scoop breath...
One scoop breath...

For more than one scoop blood

The Dream Denizen

by mrlngn over 6 years ago

A coffee before bed.
For the soul that never came home.
No need to add sugar, because the dream will give the sweetness.

And when the morning comes, I'll make a coffee again. For the empty soul and empty days.
No need to add sugar, because im faithful to the dream.

Before the night comes, my life is always black and bitter.

My Middle Name

by mrlngn almost 7 years ago

Such a familiar word.
Im not sure what it means and what it looks like but i can feel it.
I feel it for a long time since i can't remember.
I feel it brings heavy and pain.

People see me, im nervous.
Their pain eyes.
Their sorry eyes.
Their cynical eyes.
Their fellow eyes.

I'm going home.
I look in the...   Read more

Nothing left

by mrlngn almost 7 years ago

I jumped. She jumped. My heart jumped. My soul jumped. My shadow jumped. My vision jumped. My brain jumped. My arm jumped. All of me was jumped. My foot are the last to jumped. Jumped. Jumped. Jumped. There's nothing left. Nothing. Nothing.

But you!

I wait you to jump.

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