I come from the green.
You run to the red.
I'm walking, you're runing.

Until the blue point, we met.
We walk together under the blue sky into the twilight.

On our way, I feel like to follow the white cloud. But you said the dark one is more tempting.
I don't like rain, though you come from the rain.

Still we walk. I stopped when it comes rain but you just stand there, under the rain.
The rain is getting bigger. Then we stop from walk for longer time. Until the rain stop.

We walk again, together. Now you're black, and I'm white.
We walk again, together. Now we're grey.
We walk again, together. They said, no such a grey thing. There is only black or white.
We walk again, together. Neither me or you who want to be grey.
We walk again. Separately. Black. And. White.


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mrlngn over 10 years ago

Aarghh...grammar! *sigh*

mrlngn (joined over 11 years ago)

Any input would be appreciated. Find me on twitter @mrlngn

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