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Come To Snuff the Rooster

by PatTheBat4MVP over 8 years ago

Private Morlane glanced at the watch that he'd taken off and left on the small table by his cot, rubbing his sleep-weary eyes as he noticed what time it was. Fifteen minutes until dawn, or at least until when dawn was slated to be, according to all of the records that he had read over the last few mornings.

The last...   Read more

Husband and Wife

by PatTheBat4MVP over 8 years ago

I couldn't sleep with her next to me. Her gentle snoring, calming to almost anyone else, was absolutely maddening to me. It was nails being dragged down a chalkboard, squealing and begging for everyone for miles to be quiet long enough for the mouse dragging its nails to be heard.

I wasn't in love with her. I didn't even...   Read more

On Foreign Ground

by PatTheBat4MVP over 8 years ago

The pistol was cocked, ready to go. The young man stared down at the gun which was now locked and loaded, closing his eyes and taking several long breaths before looking over to where his older and more seasoned counterpart had been standing.

"We're going to die, aren't we," the young man commented, the hand holding the...   Read more


by PatTheBat4MVP almost 9 years ago

It was the fall that surprised me the most.

I had been running, running so hard so fast that, when I finally stopped behind the closed fire door, I could feel my lungs burning from the cold air filling them with each harsh breath that I took. Placing a hand against the cold metal door I leaned over and peered down the dirty stairwell,...   Read more

Carrying Cathy

by PatTheBat4MVP about 9 years ago

She stared down into the shallow pond from where she stood on the banks, and sighed. There was world just below the broken surface of the water, a world that she longed to understand. The lillypads floating on the surface seemed to hide their world from hers, but she knew better. The world below, it was alive and well. It was...   Read more

What I Really Want To Do

by PatTheBat4MVP about 9 years ago

"Ugh," Shiloh said, rolling her eyes over the steaming cup of coffee that she had been holding for the last twenty minutes.

Her boyfriend Micah looked across the table and couldn't help but let out a very quiet laugh. "What?" he asked, still laughing as he did.

"Don't what me," she replied softly, shaking her head...   Read more

The Sled

by PatTheBat4MVP about 9 years ago

It started as a joke.

Ralph was one of the few people at the camp who had a vehicle, who had a vehicle that was heavy enough to roll through the massive amounts of snow that often fell here over the course of an entire winter, and whose vehicle was actually fit enough to start on a cold morning.

Sally had a sled. She had a sled and...   Read more

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