His return

by abeeken about 9 years ago

The warm breeze touched her face, sparking memories of his fingertips and how they would brush her hair from her eyes in their moments of tenderness. She remained standing still, her eyes closed, for some time.

Eventually she opened them and looked down the grassy hill to the town below, the tall ships in the harbour, the people bustling on the docks. He was there. Somewhere.

She could see his ship off in the distance, it's distinctive sails billowing in the wind. Glancing back down at the dock she wondered when others would spot it.

After what seemed like an age, the ship was within two miles of the small harbour; she became aware of the people crying out and, glancing down again, she saw panic, running. The black sailed behemoth was bearing down upon them.

With a smile she saw that he'd raised his flag, the demonic white skull with its crossed swords set upon a black background. She had waited three years for his return and soon they would be together again.

She felt a small amount of pity for the people who would suffer, the men who would be killed and the women and children who would be taken as slaves to be sold, their homes raided and pillaged. But none of that was important when compared to the love she felt for her glorious pirate captain...


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Galen about 9 years ago

I love it when the other side of the story gets told. :D




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