by QueenylOVES 10 months ago

by the time the cops can, I sneaked into an alleyway to avoid the cops but as soon as I ran around the corner of a random building. I was outnumbered by 7 police cars and 24 officers all pointing there guns at my head ready to not hesitate and shoot. But why were the cops after me? now that is a story i can't explain much about.

It was last tuesday, a young woman was knocking on my apartment door at 6 in the morning. I hungover from the night before from getting wasted and partying. I got up and walked to the door as soon as i opened it the women barged in with her hands covered in blood thats when i saw here bleeding from her wound. i catched her as she was about to fall suddenly i could hear yellings from the level below from the apartment and as i looked at her i knew that she was stabbed.

i picked her up and sofly layed her on my couch but i could footseps running up the stairs to my level i ran to close the door but 3 officers tackled me to the ground and were trying to cuff i struggled to escape but i managed to run away from the cops. but that was the dumbest idea i have ever done. I was innocent but my body chose to run like i did something illegal and now the police think i attempted to murder this women whom i don't even know and this is how i ended up in jail!


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