While me and my friend were packing, I thought of what we will do during the holiday we have away from school or stress for that matter. I walked up to him with my luggage and grabbed his luggage. I rolled them all the way to the car. He soon joined me in getting everything else in the car. We started to drive soon and soon enough, we reached our destination. I got out of the car and walked to the front desk of the hotel. I grabbed the key card and walked back over to the car. I grabbed a piece of luggage and walked to our room.

I walked inside and set down our luggage. I walked back outside and grabbed the last luggage and walked back to the room while locking the car. I walked back inside and set down our luggage. We decide to go for a swim near the lake. I got dressed appropriately and walked back over to him. We got in the car and drove to the lake. I just walked straight into the water and began swimming. He joined soon afterwards.

After swimming with my eyes closed for a while, I noticed I wasn't where I was before. I think I had swam too far into the lake. I tried to swim back but it felt like tehre was a barrier holding me beneath the water. I soon couldn't breath and fainted. I never lived to see daylight again.


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