by DoctorMikeReddy about 1 month ago

Three new followers, this morning. Steady growth. Not YouTube Channeller level. Not like millions of subscribers. But that was to be expected.

A few more Views. Five new followers. Already! She was clearly having an impact, this quiet young woman, not wanting attention. Not seeking the lime light. Just tryng to escape a stalker. Not...   Read more

The Opportunity

by KittenFace 4 months ago

This note. This one note. This small little ticket of joy, was my way out of here. Out of this dump. Where flies constantly infest every corner of your house, where birds never sing, where dogs whimper and whine down alley ways. Where the sky is dyed a permanent inky grey. No person could ever be happy here.

Now I had a chance...   Read more


by Princess Lea 4 months ago

Aangekomen op het kruispunt keek ik naar rechts.
En naar links.
Links lag mijn bestemming.
Een dag vol kennis en testen.
De weg naar een opleiding,
en een goede baan.
Onderweg naar mijn toekomst.
Het stoplicht springt op groen.
Iik de vrijheid tegemoet.

They Were Listening

by JammieDodger8 4 months ago

I crept silently through then corridor, the occasional creak of the floorboards abruptly halting me in my path.

The hallway was lit up by a dim nightlight, glowing a soft orange hue in the blackness. My shadow flared up the wall as I passed, and slowly shrunk back into the all-engulfing shadows.

A turn of a corner...   Read more


by KaylaSchweitzer 6 months ago

"Travel light, but take everything with you," he said, his sky eyes looking off into the distance, "you never know when everything will leave you."
I suppose it didn't matter to me anymore, whether or not i took my life with me. there wasn't much there, really, just pieces of broken hearts and crystal tears that hit the floor. His words...   Read more

Reflections in the Face of Eternity

by AntonDeShawn 6 months ago

I thought, looking at that bloodshot sky, wow i thought, this is a sky to die under. Look at the sun. I bet it's not looking back. I also remembered that scene with Leo DiCaprio on a beach, when he is dragging himself and he has that look on his face as if he is dying. He must be really dying I thought. What is...   Read more

Let them eat Pancakes

by AntonDeShawn 6 months ago

What can you do in ten seconds? Where is the world going to? How quickly can you build a wall to Mexico and who will be the last to place a stone? Questions like these will not get us anywhere said the policeman but if we stand together then no mouse can slip inbetween our shoulders and we can finally eat all the pancakes we...   Read more

Bubbles for me tonight

by mailorderbride 6 months ago

There was a party in the upstairs of the building. On the roof. It was my building too. I had lived there for many years. Paying rent, not having a pet (not allowed), putting up with all the noise and rubbish in the hallways and out. There was a lot of nastiness, to be sure, but it was my home. Come to find out, its the...   Read more

The Fake Suicide

by JacquelChrissyC.May 8 months ago

i jumped off the bridge and hit the water.
OK, so i didn't judge the height of the bridge or he depth of the water, but i jumped nonetheless. instead of the sudden death i had anticipated, i found myself floating on top of the water. the bridge was about 5 feet high, but the water underneath was only four and a half feet deep, as...   Read more

Flight of the Drakons

by JohnnyREB1977 10 months ago

"WOO HOO!!!"

Avat's heart raced as he tore through space in the Drakon II, his brother and the rest of their squad behind him. He ran his fingers along the control pad and the shuttle rotated quickly until he was "upside down" relative to the others. "Easy there Hot Shot," Vish chided. "This isn't a race. The controls...   Read more