Lost without him

by Grace 5 months ago

My father had died.I was lost without any one to hold my hand.I was left alone. With no family.My hand just banged against my side as I was walking. I am now walking , lost , without any hand to hold. Since my father's death I haven't felt the same.He promised me he would be back as he left on his journey to Singapore he whispered...   Read more


by Jaysmine 5 months ago

My family is all we have, we're all so tight and we wouldn't leave each other ever. We made a promise that till death do we part. Sunday morning, my favourite day of the week. My family and I go swimming under the reef and through the coral as we feel our gilld glide through the water. It was perfect, there's nothing better than spending...   Read more

The game

by isibel3 5 months ago

A game. Thats what i thought it was, thats what my father told me it was. I was a child during world war II, a jewish child. My father took us to the station to catch the train towards the camp. He told me it was an excursion. WHen we git to the camo we were seperated from mum. The uniformed men spil us in to men and women. We were taken...   Read more

Spending Time with my Pappa

by Adriana 5 months ago

This morning I woke up from the loud screeching of my alarm, I woke up my grandson Tom and in my energised voice said "come on Tom let's go out to the cafe". Tom and I got ready within 5 minutes, we left the house and were walking through the loud streets of Vietnam. Tom stops suddenly in front of me and points to a toy...   Read more


by THERESE 5 months ago

Her eyes dimmed in colour as she stepped into the darkness, with the decoration lights around the chinese restaurant she slowly disappeared in a blink of an eye. That girl who is seen by commuters every night, the girl who creeps people out is Lu. In broad daylight she would be the happiest person on earth, her skin glowing in the sun,...   Read more

Perfect..... hm maybe not

by isibel3 5 months ago

"hey madeline sorry im late" amanda says apologetically. I look into her caramel coloured eyes, shes always been better than me even my parents preffered her. "oh it's fine" i say poison lacing my voice. Just you wait. I think. Just you wait till i can prove myself and everyone will finally prefer me. As i finish that thought...   Read more

Friends or Enemies

by elena 5 months ago

My friends are so annoying they threw fake snow all over me as my perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe came out of the oven. I hate it when my friends team up against me like I really don't like it because they treat me like nothing, like I mean nothing to them, I know that sometimes people get annoyed and sometimes even a bit...   Read more


by charlotte.rose 5 months ago

I like my room. It seems the four walls move closer to me everyday. I feel like I’m sitting in a mental asylum. People come in and out, give me food and leave. Just like the Neverending Story, The Nothing will soon crawl over every inch of my world, plunging me into eternal darkness. I walk through the sea of faces. Expressions nearly...   Read more

The Gray Day

by Jade 5 months ago

On the top of a roof, in Australia, there was a chair carved from an Italian carpenter in the 18th century. It was a day that was certain to rain and a day that was certain to never get better. `A man sat on the old chair while thinking about his day and how he could improve it. It was a day that was clearly never going to get better and a day that made everyone feel down and upset.


by Danica 5 months ago

The glass shattered everywhere
she was hesitant and didn't know what to do she was homeless for so long that if she didn't break into a store for food she would of died
I havent eaten in months and I don't have money for food, my parents kicked me out at the age of 12, i slept on the filthy ground for 3 years until this man came...   Read more