OMG, Miss or Diss

by _dramione_101 5 months ago

Miss or Diss
This game is easy. And it all started at lunch yesterday. We were sitting down in the restricted area. My friend brought up a game.
"Let's play, 'Miss or Diss" She called out.
I was very confused. Miss or Diss? What the heck is this game? My friend must have read my mind, "Clara, It's a game where you pick a...   Read more


by _dramione_101 5 months ago

I stood on the old wooden bed I always slept in. There was always a window up high and I would always look up to it at noon and see the clock chime. There were so much out there waiting for me to learn. I wanted to go out there, explore the world, make real friends. But I couldn't. My name is Ginnadi Mistaikov. My anonymous parents...   Read more

What a night

by _dramione_101 5 months ago

I was dancing. The disco ball was turning. It was Monica's sweet 16 and I got invited. But unfortunately, I regretted it so much! She invited so many people and one of them was my crush. Boys and girls. There were so many people. Even though he was just my 'crush', things turned out bad. My friend, Laura had totally stripped down...   Read more

The 17 Floor

by Danica 5 months ago

I was waiting for the elevator to come to the 17 floor
i just moved into a new apartment here in this hotel , i see the top of the elevator changing to the 13, 14, 15, 16 floor then the elevator was going up and skipped to 18 every time i click the button on the it would skip the floor i look through the hallway then the lights go...   Read more

I didnt finnish :(

by Tiana.fabrizio 5 months ago

A reflection..
A clear copy of yourself, The one shard of glass showing us what other see of yourself..
Wether you want it or not, their everywhere...

I stood there.. Frozen.. Heartbroken..
I looked myself in the eyes as a crystal layer grew upon my eyes, He was behind me.. Hold my waiste telling me i wasnt good...   Read more

The blind Spot

by steph.kyppp 5 months ago

Annabelle Clarisse, was born blind but her disability never stopped her from visualising the world with her other senses. She could smell how spring was just around the corners as the flowers bloomed and how she could hear the chips of little hatchlings be born. Annabelle was never sad about how she was but instead she turned her...   Read more

City lights

by aliciavelo 5 months ago

The night had finally come, the date that I have been waiting for all week! My boyfrend was planning to take me out on a speical day, tho he wasen't telling me where we were going. I was so excited, that I had tears streaming down my face. He was almost here at my house to pick me up, I was rushing, I had to put on my makeup, get...   Read more

The elemental empress

by steph.kyppp 5 months ago

Anita anahu was a Polynesian girl born with elemental powers. For generations her family were the guardians of 4 sacred islands. Each island was an element
the first island was water. The second one was wind, Third was fire and lastly earth but for anita she has the ability of all 4 elements. The people of islands were...   Read more


by sarah68 5 months ago


The gloomy moon rose above the dull sky, as Michael Scearry lay there, in the streets of suburbia, stoned. The strong sounds of the trees swaying in the rushing wind was a difference from the scene that was set and created an eerie atmosphere to the night. Michael had awoken from his slumber, unable to glance at even the...   Read more

Mind And Body

by Nat.Alo2005 5 months ago

I was scared. I could see another perspective of myself. Did I want this to happen? No. But, did it happen for a reason? I had everything jut a few weeks ago, it went away so quickly. I knew that something bad was going to happen as the outcome, but I can't even bare the thought that this would happen. I feared that it would be...   Read more