The Moon trouble

by izza_cicco 12 months ago

As I look into the sky, the moon rises from its slumber showing its beauty in the night sky. The stars sit close to the moon, closer than before. As the lights in all the houses turn off and the children hop into bed, I see a star. A start like no other. Speeding like lighting towards the moon. I question myself, 'is it a star?'....   Read more

Bob from Calpfinn

by mylz.da.nesquik.frog 12 months ago

In 1921, he flew to the Great Rift Valley. He came back from the world called Calpfinn. The place where not only ordinary people lived in. It was a multi-cultural world. Calpfinn had werewolves, wizards, witches, people with superheroes, but Bob, Bob was something different. He was everything. Bob could fly, he could use his...   Read more

Why did you have to say goodbye?

by Madeline 12 months ago

Here I was. Looking out the broken glass window. It was old but still fresh. I would know it only happened yesterday. "What have we done?" says the boy in the background, Dave. "No what have you done." I say walking away not letting him say another word. It was all normal five minutes ago, Casey was laughing and...   Read more

My dominance

by jocey419 12 months ago

sitting on the I see my family crumbling before my eyes. I have achieved my goal, revenge for what they have done to me in my childhood. They took all my friends and everything I was passionate about all away from me, so now I am returning the favor. There they are, my parents kneeling down as they are being beaten to the ground and...   Read more

Come back to me

by amyskuodas 12 months ago

I sat there every day waiting. But nothing ever happened. I hoped if I sat there long enough that she would come back and everything would be back to normal. I knew that when she was pulled from the car that there was no turning back. I thought maybe if I had her in my mind, it could reverse that awful event that caused so much...   Read more


by Jade 12 months ago

It was night time, in a fancy restaurant. We just sat down. Liana runs off and I follow. There was nothing else to do. I was bored, she'd be back in a few minutes, just in time for dinner. She runs, and runs for about five minutes, until she got to a car. She opened it somehow. It definitely wasn't the car I bought her for her sixteenth...   Read more

ancient temple

by lisa.ost 12 months ago

Along a windig path we went up to find the ancient temle which no one has seen in thousands of years. I am archeologist olivia grace in search of this lost temple.
Coming with me on this hunt fr a temple is my collegue samatha and some other people i have just met. The local people in this country hve let us ride the elephants to...   Read more

Six harrowing minutes

by ellieberry 12 months ago

I, Emily Agha just received my acceptance to UNSW and flowers from my beloved fiancee. Everything was going well. My fiancee and her where driving home until suddenly Josh went to fast. He may have been drunk. One little mistake can turn into a big one. "I'll always remember you Josh". I don't remember much from that night,...   Read more