by DoctorMikeReddy 11 months ago

“Send me a picture.” he’d said. Well, typed. It was that kind of initial flirting request. She had responded with a
and a
and then, eventually, with a selfie.

Analysis of the GPS data encapsulated in the header file, compared with a record of CCTV locations, and her smiling face as a search parameter from stored footage, provided her entry point to the location. Cross-matched with the stored WiFi coordinates her smart phone had used to send the file, the exact location was confirmed. The “Le Poursuivant”

Inspection of the blurred background of the photo matched against promotional pictures and video from the restaurant’s web site, placed her at a secluded, back table near the rear fire exit.

This computation took approximately 0.023s.

“Target acquired.”

“Tell me what you’re wearing?” A text swung back, well within the parameters of ‘human’ conversation. This information wasn’t needed. The selfie made that clear. However, there was a 72.6% chance the target would interpret this sexually. It would delay her long enough for the interception squad to arrive.

He (it? they?) moved to the next task. “Tell me about yourself?” A DM read. Reception confirmed.


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I do all sorts of things. Mostly badly. Mostly better than others. I tell stories. Occasionally, I lie.

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