It was an early morning on Wavelike Island. The water was crystal clear and the sky was grey. The water washed up against the shore, creating soothing sounds that echoed all around the Island. The rocks around the island grew more mouldy by the minute from the water crashing up against them. The trees in the distance swayed gently while the sky rumbled with the noise of an oncoming storm.
It started to rain, and a shape appeared in the sky, resembling a bird of some type. People from far away looked at the Island and saw the bird-like shape in the sky. The stared for hours and couldn't help looking at the phoenix that was floating in the sky like the clouds do. Everyone started to spin, and in an instant, everyone was gonw


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Morgan about 3 years ago

Great Story!

Morgan about 3 years ago

Great Story!

Jade (joined about 3 years ago)

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