Here I am. Again. For the fifth time this week. Laying on my bed. Depressed. I don't know what to do. I hear my mum making dinner downstairs and my dad clicking away on his keyboard. I hear Sarah playing with her dolls and Jordan on his Xbox. I haven't come out of my room since Tuesday, I haven't said Good Morning or Good night to my parents since Tuesday or played dolls with Sarah since Tuesday, I haven't even been to school in 2 years. Depression is something else. Some people can deal with it, some can't. I am meeting Clair my psychologist tomorrow morning, we will talk about what happened. "This is all my fault". I said, over and over and over again. I bang my head on the wall for a few minutes. "I'm such an idiot." I say over and over and over again, then bang my head on the wall some more. "If only I walked the other way instead of sticking up for myself."


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amyskuodas almost 4 years ago

I love this

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