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I remember this day. This was the happiest and saddest day of my life. That morning, my soulmate Pete and I were married. On our way to the reception disaster struck. SCREECH, CRASH. Next thing I knew, I was in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. I looked to my side but there was no Pete. At this moment, I knew the worst had happened. Pete was dead. I was in hysterics. It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but instead, it was the worst. This was worst then the time my high school sweetheart...

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My feet ached, but it was well worth it. This is what I said when I completed that trek. The endless days and nights, the rationed food and just the stunning landscape of the mountains. I found it hard but I turned to God and prayed that I could complete this journey. I kept in mind the young children and their families. Raising money and supporting them made me so happy and feel accomplished. I would love to do this again but I wonder, could I do this again?

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I sat there every day waiting. But nothing ever happened. I hoped if I sat there long enough that she would come back and everything would be back to normal. I knew that when she was pulled from the car that there was no turning back. I thought maybe if I had her in my mind, it could reverse that awful event that caused so much pain and grief. At least I am not alone on my journey back to recovery with my family and friends by my side hopefully I can move on. But I know truly that I...

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