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CRASH! the window had shattered after being shoot by a gun. All of us shuddered at the sound what were we going to do. Were we going to die today?
I heard a scream not knowing where it had come from we all blindly ran away. I couldn't here anything, my vision had blurred suddenly I heard a bang. My bestfriend who was like a brother to me was shot. I could feel the tears running like waterfalls down my face but i kept running knowing my life was on the line. Whoever killed my bestfriend was going to die...

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Along a windig path we went up to find the ancient temle which no one has seen in thousands of years. I am archeologist olivia grace in search of this lost temple.
Coming with me on this hunt fr a temple is my collegue samatha and some other people i have just met. The local people in this country hve let us ride the elephants to the temple.

We were almost there but the elephants dragged their feet along the rocky path of the steep hill. they sensed danger said one of the local people who came along with us...

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