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It was an early morning on Wavelike Island. The water was crystal clear and the sky was grey. The water washed up against the shore, creating soothing sounds that echoed all around the Island. The rocks around the island grew more mouldy by the minute from the water crashing up against them. The trees in the distance swayed gently while the sky rumbled with the noise of an oncoming storm.
It started to rain, and a shape appeared in the sky, resembling a bird of some type. People from far away looked at the Island and saw the bird-like shape...

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It was all a fine day, the sun was out, water was nice but then suddenly the clouds turn dark, the trees rocked from side to side looking like it was going to come out of the root. The water crashed against the rock vigorously over and over again. Then the dirt when flying everywhere and on everyone, so the public ran for cover. The umbrellas on the sand flew across the other side and sand flew all the way to the shops. Everyone was screaming, the birds were screaming, the people were screaming and the weather got worst by...

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Although I had won this prize of the island holiday, I wasn't looking forward to it as I always felt anxious after watching that movie where the residents believed they were survivors of a nuclear war but in reality they were clones made for their body parts.

Jack, my boyfriend of seven years (marriage phobic) was so happy that I tried to force myself to enjoy choosing clothes to pack and overfill the suitcases, just like any other eager woman who had not been on holiday for years and wanted to have the best time possible.

The hotel was very...

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"Ohh..." The word escaped my lips as a awe-struck sigh. The island was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my entire life. Bulky, mountain-like rocks dotted with dark green trees, surrounded by white sand, and water the color of the clearest, bluest sapphire imaginable. As we flew nearer to it the air became sweet and clear and filled my lungs. The breeze rustled my short brown hair. I tucked myself into a ball and executed a perfect mid-air summer-salt. I watched as the water came closer and closer. This place, I could tell, was magic.

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My dad believed the island to be the end of a search for a cure for mom.

The promise of a healer that would finally reverse the soul destroying illness that was taking mom away from us.

Dad didn't care anymore what it would take, money, hope, nervous exhaustion from the endless searching, trying, failing, crying. He had to give it one more go.

Mom wanted to go home as soon as we got into the hotel room. She always wanted to go home even when she was in our house. She could only remember her childhood house and her...

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