by ajvernon about 1 year ago

The sound reverberated through the streets. I dropped to my knees, the metal in the synth-leg clanging against the metal walkway. The bullet had entered between the third and fourth rib, penetrating the layer of inlaid titanium armour. I knew I didn't have much time left. I could feel the oil from my implants and my blood mixing and pouring down my chest.

My executioner stood before me, laser sight trained on my skull, ready to put me away for good. I had to act fast.

"Now, now, sweetie, don't do anything rash." He flashed a smile, showing off his razor sharp teeth. I knew what he did to his victims. I wasn't planning on becoming street shark food anytime soon.

I ducked to the side as I drew my gun. He squeezed off a round. I felt it pass through my ear. I pulled my gun up, and pulled the trigger.

I didn't stick around afterwards, after the bots cleaned up


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