It wasn't my fault. It couldn't have been. She was dead when I got there.

I know my fingerprints were on the gun. It was my gun, of course my fingerprints were on it. Yes, I was the last one to see her alive. But that was hours before she died. I do stand to inherit a large sum of money. I loved her. Why would I kill her over something like that?

The CCTV could easily have been doctored. Besides, you don't see the killer's face. It must be a coincidence that she and I have the same build. And the same kind of hair. And the same hoodie. Yes, I know, I'm wearing it. The red is part of the design. It's not blood.

Yes, I was holding the gun when you found me standing over her. Okay, I admit, I was nearby when she was killed. The killer must have ran off and dropped my gun. I left it on the nightstand, I must have forgotten to put it away. I work in a very dangerous field, you know.

Okay, the neighbour heard her pleading for her life. She might have heard my name, but there could be all sorts of reasons she said it! I didn't do it! I couldn't have done it!

... could I?


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