The Sound in the Woods

by rissasmfw about 1 year ago

Silence was all they heard.
Deep in the woods Finn and Alana watched the moon. They both sat there in a peaceful silence with no one talking. It was relaxing and calming. Just as Alana was about to fall asleep they heard a loud sound, almost like a growl. It sounded angry. Finn and Alana looked at each other with a worried expression on both of their faces.
"Its probably nothing", Finn said not sounding very convincing.
Alana nodded trusting Finns words. As they were about to leave the silent, beautiful woods they heard the growl again growing louder and louder sounding closer and closer to them.
Alana was speachless. She couldnt talk. She tapped Finn on the shoulder and he looked her way. They both saw a big, black, grubby wolf angrily coming towards them. They both ran as fast as their legs could carry them until they were back at Finns house


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