What a night

by _dramione_101 about 1 year ago

I was dancing. The disco ball was turning. It was Monica's sweet 16 and I got invited. But unfortunately, I regretted it so much! She invited so many people and one of them was my crush. Boys and girls. There were so many people. Even though he was just my 'crush', things turned out bad. My friend, Laura had totally stripped down and it turned out to be an inappropriate party.
But I didn't care less. I didn't dare to go outside. I looked up to the disco ball. The lights shorn my face. Suddenly I felt two strong pairs of arms grabbed my waist and pulled my back. My body was pressed onto the mysterious body.
Turning around I looked up. He had sandy blond hair, piercing blue eyes. He was my crush.
"Shall we dance," He asked. I nodded hesitantly.
This was going to be a wild ride.


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