I stood on the old wooden bed I always slept in. There was always a window up high and I would always look up to it at noon and see the clock chime. There were so much out there waiting for me to learn. I wanted to go out there, explore the world, make real friends. But I couldn't. My name is Ginnadi Mistaikov. My anonymous parents dropped me to an orphanage when I was very young because they thought I would make a fool of them because of my skinniness and ugliness.
The matrons in the orphan always called me ignorant and just a midget boy who never eats anything. I wish my life was just as same as all the other people. As the clock chimed noon, birds flew from the bell tower and people sang their town song. I just wish I could join them. Life was unfair here, but I had to deal with it. The sweet melonie voices outside made me hum with the song. The clock finished chiming and everyone went back to their normal job, no more singing, no more dancing. I sat down on my dilapidated bed. Every time I moved a pinky the bed creaked and dirty mouses covered in a thick layer of ashes ran from under my bed. Tears fell from my eyes, I wished someone in this world had loved me and had taken care of me. Most of all, I wished I had a family.


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