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I do all sorts of things. Mostly badly. Mostly better than others. I tell stories. Occasionally, I lie.


Really short story

by DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

She didn't look at him, just opened the back door at the (deeper than usual) scratching, but it wasn't the cat to which she'd turned her back.

Be there or Foursquare

by DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

100 feet away. Or 30 meters away to be more exact.

NEARBY | Worldwide
Last seen: River Styx
2 minutes ago
King Aeolus
Last seen: Thessaly
Feb. 29th
Friends in Other Cities
Merope @ Ephyrae 
Corinth, Greece
9 months ago
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Deja vu redux

by DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

I jumped. I blacked out. When I awoke, head ringing and eyes spotted with colours, he turned round slowly.

"You ever heard of an Ox Bow Lake?"

"nuhuh" I said. Mind you, the gag would have rendered the same result as a Shakespeare soliloquy. 

"sahwiwochee" Hell, it was different. Maybe if you were a dentist, this conversation...   Read more

Blind Faith

by DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

Population. 1943
Even painted over, the 2 was still visible if you looked at the sign at an angle. And the previous 1 if you were real close, but from a passing car, residents or the occasional visitor to Sleepy Falls would see, if they were paying attention, that a new resident now inhabited the town. Ted wiped his brow with...   Read more

No regrets

by DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

It wasn't like that. It wasn't. She hadn't led him on. Or him her. It wasn't like she'd planned to have an affair. There, she'd finally said it. An affair. With her boss. Her married boss. Her dreamy, overworked, misunderstood boss, Tim. It wasn't like it was sordid, or wrong. It wasn't like they'd been indiscreet. It wasn't like any of...   Read more

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