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Sleep and you may dream. Remain and you will surely regret the decisions you make in the night. Intermittent car horns and the smell of grease emanated from the street beneath the apartment. A long slow drag on a cigarette. He had his eye on a man across the street. That man was the source of his pain, of his agony, of his obsession. That man, was his philosophical antithesis. Both he and that man could not exist in the same world. He put out his cigarette, tore off the end and tossed it over the balcony edge. He walked...

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She slept in the open air, in the windy hills, on a soft pillow. She was covered in the blankets of her mother's mother. She sang God's songs. When she played music, her hands made the strings talk and her voice accompanied. From atop her hill no one could hear her. The would hear her one day. She spoke God's words. When finally she slept, she would always dream. New songs would be woven in her head, on that soft pillow. Her message was the word of God and when she came down off this mountain she would save her...

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