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Immediately he ripped his dresser draw open. Rummaging through the clothes all neatly packed. Foot steps are heard fro behind him the faster the steps the faster his arms move. As his hands go farther in the back he reaches his savior. Silver and heavy his desert eagle is aimed at the figure in the doorway. The door closed shut behind him. The footsteps have stopped and his heart still pounding. Sweat dripping his chin to his already drenched shirt. His breathing heavy he clutches his gun. Ready to Fire whom ever this is on the other side of the...

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Last night was so alive so alive she got locked on the rooftop of her own party. Everyone was down stairs having a great time while she and joe were stuck on the roof. Joe is her ex ahes been avoiding for sometime now. The last time they saw each other was at the bonfire. The town she once lived in she escaped at 17. She left with Evan her best friend at the time before he exposed her very big secret to everyone. They had been up on the roof silent for atleast 20 minutes. Time passes as she...

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He exited the train at buenos aires the sunlight hit his pale skin. The woman were all together in a group conversating about God knows what. This was his escape he was destined to make it to them by dawn. Sunlight normally would burn a hole straight through him. But the amulet his grandfather gave him protected him! the only reason he made it home was the woman on the train who kept meeting him in the bathroom every half hour to engage in the feeding process. she knew what he was and he made it known that he wasn't...

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