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"There's no hope," the monotone sound of Sarah's voice echoing throughout the silent forest. I could not see her face, but I knew she was angry. "We have to at least try." I am trying to stay positive, ignoring the heaviness on my chest, my sweaty palms, my racing heart. "Correction- you have to try," her voice now sounded like it was mocking me, "You're the one who got us lost, now you've got to figure it out."

Each breath that leaves a cloud of fog before seems heavier then the last. The moon that lights up the sapphire...

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As I clench the sweet smelling flowers in my hand, I stare into his perfect emerald eyes.

In this moment I remember why I love him so much. Every moment that I am with him, I feel warm, comfortable, free.

The sun smiles at me and the breeze sings a song that calms my racing heart, though I do not know why it is racing. I look down to see his emerald eyes, now staring up at me. I am captured by them, though then I am drawn to something else- his hands. Within them lay a velvet navy box....

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