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If you ever pass this house on 23 silverdores street, your sight will be mesmerized. A red checkered pattern clock hangs on a thin piece of string that stretches across the front yard from one end to the other. It just hangs there, every day, every night, every year, it just hangs like the last item to be sold at a shop. The owner never seems to give any attention to it, walks by without any acknowledgement that it's even there, the cloak is treated it is invisible. If the cloak seem to have a mind of its own, has...

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Her eyes dimmed in colour as she stepped into the darkness, with the decoration lights around the chinese restaurant she slowly disappeared in a blink of an eye. That girl who is seen by commuters every night, the girl who creeps people out is Lu. In broad daylight she would be the happiest person on earth, her skin glowing in the sun, hair swaying against and bursting out with laughter. At night that girl is no longer in her, dressed in black at night, she wanders throughout the neighbourhood, paths between light and pitch black she would walk on the...

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The neighbourhood fox strut his way down the lane like he just don't care, with his evil laugh he knew he had the family dog captain in his hands. TIgger followed fox down the lane seeing his model catwalk and mocking him for fun. Tigger tried to put his foot one after another but then tripped. he got back up and shaked his heavy head and had a serious face. TIgger had to do something to save the family dog captain even though they never get along with each other tigger had to do something, like there's nothing going on...

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