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It was an odd feeling. Looking at a family. He'd been away from his own family for so long that he felt like he'd never had one. Now look at him, alone, dirty, addicted, wandering the streets without a cent to his name. How could he even try? It was so close. He looked at his wallet. No money. No credit cards. No business cards. Just photo, wrinkly and turned over, of the family, the life he once had. As he looked at the family in central park, it almost made his heart yearn. He wanted to turn over the...

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She was so happy. Hiding from her friends. She'd always liked this game, hide and seek. She hid in the doorway to the back of her house in her new red gown her mother had saved money for months to buy. As much as she liked hiding, she felt so proud in this red dress that she wanted to run out and show off her new dress to her friends some more, but they all seemed to be more interested in the game. As she crouched in the doorway, she noticed a little bug crawling on her gown. She screamed...

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