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"Death to the tyrant!" Lorenzo shouted.

Within the crowd, there were many responses. Each one said the same words, "Death to the tyrant", but each man enunciated the words differently. In each utterance you could hear the word being ejected with their personal reasons.

Tremain, in his worldview, saw the king as symbol of the working class oppression that had haunted him his whole life. Why should his money support some overfeed pompous ass who hadn't worked a day in his life? The king does not decide the laws anymore, that is the parliament's job.

Lorenzo, in his wisdom, saw...

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Cleanliness was a virtue. They told him that.

"Who are they?" The others would ask. The others didn't believe in they. But they are there. They must be. Or else, why they tell him that?

They also told him of the magical properties of the string. The others didn't believe in the string, but he convinced them.

you must try the ritual of the string, or it will not work it is powered by nonbelievers

The others were intrigued. Still, they did not believe, but, perhaps, what harm is it to see where this leads?

Of course, the ritual of...

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