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He knew it would always come to this. Down was the same as damn right? It always was. It didn't help that the elevator was high class to- it meant that being in the business of souls was profitable.

The oily man standing just out side of the large blue white and gold hallway that went on for infinity smiled at him with wicked humor.

He jutted out his chin.

The man just smiled some more.

"You evil damn-"

"Now now- watch your words in this hallowed place. You may save them after you press the button." The mans voice...

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The button glared at her from the opposite side of the elevator. Her eyes were strained from staring at it. The harsh elevator light that made the button cool cold and hatefully professional. It made the emotions associated with the button written in neat braille and caps lock seem to be resolutely finite.

She had been standing in the elevator for too long now. It was now or never. She shook herself. Ignored the panic bubbling in her thoat, choking her, and clawing in her belly, and stood straight.

Her sweating hand pointed her slim finger straight, and she jerked...

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