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A Southern California-bred, self-professed desert rat, Nate Wright, picked up his first management job at 15 running the “kitchen patrol” at a Search and Rescue training center in Ephrata, WA. During a 4-year sentence at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, he began throwing vintage-themed events and dances, dipping his feet into what would become his true passion. Real life intervened in the pursuit of the ‘American Dream’ (a.k.a. wife, kids, career).

Following a 5 year gig as an IT Program Manager at Air Force bases in England, California, and Qatar, Nate mysteriously showed up in Seattle in 2006 with no car, no house, no money, no job, an ex-wife, and full cusody of a beautiful 5-year old girl. Two years later (after coming up for air) he stepped back into the creative realm by attending TheFilmSchool for screenwriting and subsequently joined the National Film Festival for Talented Youth’s Board of Directors.

In early ‘09, Nate began pulling together a rag-tag, yet ridiculously talented group of freelancers and co-founded Savor the Sound (nat’l youth music education non-profit) and Small Biz Triage (sales & marketing support small businesses). He’s currently building and growing a team of creatives he lovingly dubs “The 1099 Mafia”.


No swimmers.
No DNA-laden tadpoles.
No way that the child was mine.

If you asked me 10-years ago if I could ever imagine myself sitting in a doctor's office waiting for my sperm count to arrive, I would have told you to fuck off. Or maybe piss off, since I hadn't lived enough life 10-years ago to cuss appropriately.

Yet, here I was. My soon to be ex-wife was pregnant. She didn't know if was my child or the child of the irish man she ran off with 2-months prior. Apparently, that surgery I survived only guarantees 99.995% success. But...

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