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Wine, a girls best friend. Here she was,party in full swing, glass in perfectly manicured hand,playing the good-time girl role to perfection . Giddy and rosy cheeked they laughed until their jaws ached.

She did her usual party gags and the all girls were in stitches. Dressed to kill with glossy chestnut hair that fell effortlessy around her designer clad shoulders, how they envied her life- young, free and single.

Time to go home now.Air-kissed cheeks and hugs exhancged,they left full of promise of the next girls night in.

She closed the door as the last guest left and stood...

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It was the fall that surprised me most. I was on the floor writhing, banging my fists, heart pounding, tears streaming.She was dead and it was all my fault. The whooshing sound in my head was drowning out my mother...I had to get away.

The clarity was too much to bear, I needed solace. I climbed the steps to my den, walked over the bodies that littered the floor. Hands shakening I unwrapped the foil and laid back as the eurporia engulfed me.

She had tried it because of me. But I didnt hate it...it was now my only friend....

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