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The lamp wouldn't turn on. Lucy shifted, humping herself up on the mattress to look at the actual location of the light, fingers searching to see if, perhaps, she just hadn't hit the right button. But it was still there. The cheap lamp she had bought with her sister at Target while decorating the apartment she hadn't wanted to get.

"Unf," Lucy muttered under her breath. Light bulbs. She had no clue where light bulbs were. Forcing herself up, she headed out of her room and into the bathroom, flicking on the light there. But still, there was no light....

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"You just have to reach."

There was no response. I looked down at Bunny, who had reached a moment before and felt the horror of the moment. He had returned to the down. He was nothing more then the fluff he was filled with any more.

I couldn't reach him, and he could no longer reach me.

We'd been together for so long, and I thought I knew him. But there it was. He was looking down, just a little to the side, and the black buttons of his eyes were no longer bright and interested, but simply buttons.


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