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The Potentate surveyed his creamsicle tower coolly.

Lord Howard stood behind him, rigid, hands neatly behind his back, and cleared his throat. Loudly.

The monarch continued to regard the sweet monstrosity before him.

Finally, Lord Howard stepped forward and addressed his sovereign ruler. "Sire," he said, polite and yet as frigid as the ice-cream on the table. "The people in your kingdom have barely enough to eat, let alone food to play with." His eyes darted to the large dairy-based castle slowly melting onto the linen tablecloth. "If you aren't going to eat your dessert, you shouldn't have taken it."...

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The Potentate surveyed his creamsicle tower smoothly. "Good good," he said in his nasally voice. Rubbing his hands together with childish glee, the balding old man dove face first into the treat and began to lap it up as his guards looked on with a mixture of amusement and derision.

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The Potentate surveyed his creamsicle tower cooly.

"Were my instructions not clear," he asked in the calm manner so many of his associates found so frightening. "Was the language I was speaking truly so difficult to decipher?"

Nobody spoke up at first, though everyone knew two things: the longer he went without an answer, the angrily the Potentate would get. The second fact, whoever spoke first stood a good chance of receiving the brunt of his displeasure. As was often the case, everyone opted for an intense anger spread over the whole group, then face being a direct target of...

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Well, when the baby pop his head out of his mother tummy, the baby already was in distress by this unknow new environment. What a shock to him. All he could said already was;
What do I am doing here!
"It feels so cold"
"Why do they take me out of my confortable warm place"
Yet, more and more the baby wanted to go back, the nurse only wash him and presented to the mother.
It felt suddenly very comfortable to be hold and the baby could feel the warmth again.
"What a joy again, he said to himself"

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The Potentate surveryed his creamsicle tower coolly.

It hadn't been his idea to build it, it was the idea of his latest duchess. It had been a stupid idea when she had begged for it, but, after she had begun to withhold her affections, he had relented.

It wasn't, you understand, that her pouting had worked on him mind, more that he had been advised by his cabinet that it would not do anything for his public image for him to behead another duchess.

Not that he fancied beheading this one, oh no, burning at the stake felt much more...

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The Potentate surveyed his creamsicle tower coolly.
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February 17, 2011


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