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afraid I can't follow the prompt
it's entirely outside my area of expertise
guess I could make it all up
but that's not my thing today

thought I would be writing truth
and deep strongly held beliefs
but the prompt about news reporters
and grabbing for glory

doesn't sound like my kind of story
glad for the time limit
as it ticks away I think
at least I will not be verbose

and yet there is something
I really wanted to say about
praying for peace and going to war
and fighting terror with terror

that niggles at my gut...

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"I am getting so tired of this jerk being thought of as the best reporter in town" Dan muttered to himself, "but I'll show everyone that I believe in the news somehow". Dan looked across from the news room to see everyone praising bob, the jerk, then suddenly the ground started to shake and throw everyone to the ground. "An earthquake" bob thought, "this is finally my chance to unseat that snob". As dan grabs and runs outside,

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It wasn't like that. It wasn't. She hadn't led him on. Or him her. It wasn't like she'd planned to have an affair. There, she'd finally said it. An affair. With her boss. Her married boss. Her dreamy, overworked, misunderstood boss, Tim. It wasn't like it was sordid, or wrong. It wasn't like they'd been indiscreet. It wasn't like any of her colleagues had known. It wasn't like she'd expected him to break it Off. It wasn't like he wasn't kind. The bastard. 

"Tim, you bastard. Why do you care enough to want an end to spare your wife?"


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About the prompt

Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero An underappreciated news reporter
villain Another reporter soaking up all the glory
goal Unseat the Snob and snatch the anchor position
Prompt suggested by Gone Awry
Originally displayed on:
June 11, 2011


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