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The gloomy moon rose above the dull sky, as Michael Scearry lay there, in the streets of suburbia, stoned. The strong sounds of the trees swaying in the rushing wind was a difference from the scene that was set and created an eerie atmosphere to the night. Michael had awoken from his slumber, unable to glance at even the light illuminating off the surface of the moon due to his constricted pupils. His mouth, dry and his nostrils, raw from the heavy amounts of heroin he inhaled the night prior.

Michael rose in a daze, unsteadily, though eventually regained...

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Red by Monica

She stood there. The first thing he noticed was the red of her heeled shoes. He always liked the color red but in that moment it repulsed him. She drifted closer to him as he peered at her through his dark rimmed frames.
“I miss you” she said through whiskey laced breath.
He stood there for a moment and let the words splash onto his face. He quickly wiped his brow removing his glasses in order to also wipe them clean. He looked at her once again and felt the urgency to grab her, to kiss her, to love her....

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January 28, 2014


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