The rush I felt skipping my way home, the breeze flowing through my hair.. there is nothing like it. There are so many things about being a child that simply have no analogue as an adult. Skipping carelessly down the middle of the street, climbing trees with no fear of falling, having no worries greater than what mom is making for dinner.
I long for those days. I miss the sparkle. I miss the sparkle and the freedom I didn't even realize I had. But now it's gone.
Is there a way to find sparkle once you grow up? Is that what growing up is? Losing sparkle?
I miss the sparkle.


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Ararelucidness about 11 years ago

Wow. A masterclass in how to capture emotion in a six minute crystal. It sums up so compleatly how I have been feeling lately. Thank you for writing it, and good luck with the novel.

Galen over 11 years ago

When I lived in New York I admired how casually my roommate approached beer. If he wanted one with dinner, he had one. Or with breakfast.

But when I finally reached the same point living in Korea, putting leftover beers into the fridge, I realized, if this is adulthood, two beers in the fridge is a small consolation.

You've captured that same emotion with your story. Sad, but well done. :) And welcome to Six Minute Story. We're glad you're here.

dnmtwthlsrbm over 11 years ago

Thanks :)
I actually wound up here because my friend and I have self-imposed weekly microfiction (≤150 word stories) deadlines, and I was drawing a blank. Google led me your way. I like the idea though, so I may stick around.

dnmtwthlsrbm about 11 years ago

Thanks :)

Galen over 11 years ago

I hope you do return again, to write again. Do you post your writing challenges anywhere? I'd love to read them. (And your friend's as well.)

dnmtwthlsrbm over 11 years ago

The recent stuff hasn't been posted, no, but I do post some of my writing on and (same screen name). Also, I've just started work on my first novel. I have a lot of flash and micro fiction lying around though that I haven't gotten much feedback on (including the most recent stuff).

dnmtwthlsrbm (joined over 11 years ago)
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