The children were not at school. It was the first snow day of the season, and the buses couldn't get their engines started, so the Board of Education had no choice but to cancel classes. Tyler's parents decided to let him sleep in, but when he awoke at 10 o'clock, Tyler panicked. He leaped out of bed, grabbed his jeans and wiggled into them, pulled a crumpled sweater from his drawer and jammed it on over his pajama shirt, and ran down the hallway to the kitchen, all the while yelling "I'm late for school! I'm late for school! Mom! Dad! I'm late!"

Tyler's parents, who sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee and nibbling muffins, glanced at each other. Tyler's dad winked at his mom, then sprang to his feet and began shouting, "Oh Lord, how could this happen? You're late for school! What were we thinking?"

Stifling a laugh, Tyler's mom jumped from the table and ran to the refrigerator. "I forgot to pack your lunch! Oh no!" She rummaged through the fridge. "Looks like all we have is leftover liverwurst and sauerkraut! Hope you can eat it cold!"

Tyler hated liverwurst, and the disgust was apparent on his face. "I guess that will have to do. I'm late!"

Tyler's mom threw the containers in a plastic bag, and his dad grabbed Tyler's coat from


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Galen almost 12 years ago

Noooooooo. Damn the six minute time limit. Such a great start!

theshoes76 (joined about 12 years ago)

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The children were not at school.
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