My mother loved colour. She spent the last weeks of her life in a hospital bed, with its monotone greys and whites. People gave her all kinds of gifts and cards. But her favourite one was a bright purple robe with pink stitching.

That gift was from me. Truth is, I'm more of a tactile person. Yet I knew this was what she craved most--her two favourite colours in the world.

At her funeral, we released balloons in pink and purple. Or, rather, everyone else did. I held onto mine. I wasn't ready to let her go yet.

Today, though, I think I'm ready.

Goodbye, Mum.


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Sammi over 10 years ago


Galen over 10 years ago


Gone Awry over 10 years ago

Again, i agree with Galen. It almost made me cry!

Sammi (joined over 10 years ago)

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