She was stuck inside her own dream it felt like. All around her was fog and darkness. Okay, so it had to have been a nightmare. Alice tread lightly over the crunchy leaves and snapping twigs. Hands outstreched and head down so as not to get hit in the face with the seemingly large tree branches surrounding her.

She started to hear music, something she'd heard before, from her dad's record collection maybe? No. From a movie? She couldn't pinpoint the sorrow female voice she heard singing; as Alice walked more closely, she realized the song was not a song, but a voice calling "Alice, Alice, wheerre aaareee youuu?" Alice stopped dead in her tracks, a twig went SNAP underneath her red maryjane's. "Alice!" "Alice!"

Alice was thoroughly confused; this HAD to be a nightmare; this lady in the woods singing her name sounded familiar, and knew her name. It was dark all around, and it was getting colder with each step. Alice could not only see, but hear her every breath as the trekked carefully through this wooded area.

"Alice!" "Sister?" "Alice, baby sister?" "Are you out there, Aaaliicee?"

"Megan." Alice thought. Why is Megan in my nightmare?


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