"I'm with stupid." It was the dumbest t-shirt he'd ever owned. He liked it anyway, but she gave it away. Someone at the homeless shelter would receive an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt this Wednesday at giving time. God he missed her, even though she gave away that t-shirt. He missed the way her face lit up looking at every snowflake that fell in the winter.

He missed her light brown hair sitting upon her bare shoulders in summer; the way she she would groan at him for wearing the "I'm with stupid" t-shirt. She used to dance to "Video Killed the Radio Star" in front of the TV, and never failed to tell him that it was MTV's first music video ever. He loved her random trivia, the smiling at snowflakes, the sun on her face.

The answering machine beeped. "Corey, I'll be home soon, love you. Picked up some beer at the store for you, and something else. Surprise!"

She walked in the door with a brand new "I'm with stupid" t-shirt, just for him.


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Fablanta about 12 years ago

Nicely done. I liked the way you made us assume they had spilt up so that he only had his memories of her turning a sad story into a happy one.

Fablanta about 12 years ago

Just noticed. So that's why I used the remark 'nicely done'. I thought it was a Picard reference :-)

Gone Awry about 12 years ago

Wonderful! A+!

Kathleen Gabriel about 12 years ago

Nicely done!

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